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History of the Fragging Force
This the lenghty history of LKFF Gaming. The clan called as Loz Kampoz Fragging Force, or =[LKFF]=, which was founded in September 1999 and continued for 15 years, untill September 2014. We played Quake 3 (TDM, CTF, FreezeTag, Urban Terror...) and Quake 4 TDM. This is our full and complete story and will remain to be told by the many people involved with this great team for many years to come.
't Ukien
=[LKFF]= was founded in the late summer of 1999, by 4PLaY, NeWY and RiGHT. The location where we decided to start a real clan was Bar/Dancing "'t Ukien" in Kampen, The Netherlands.
Loz Kampoz
Before Internet became popular, a lot of people were hanging around on BBS's, Bulletin Board Systems. There we had a special type of slang, insider language. Part of that language was changing the names of cities. Kampen i.e. was Loz Kampoz. With the 3 founders all living in Kampen and the clan being founded in the local cafe in Kampen, a reference to Loz Kampoz seemed obvious.
20th September 1999
When we needed a name for our clan, initially it was Loz Kampoz Killing Force (LKKF). When we wanted to register our clan with ClanBase we found out that a clan called Rijnmond Killing Force already existed and we changed the name into Loz Kampoz Fragging Force. LKFF was born.

Eventhough we formed the clan actually a bit earlier, we use the date that we registed on ClanBase as the date that we founded the clan. So LKFF's date of birth is 20th September 1999.
Demon NL FFA DM1-9
At first we played only FFA on the Demon NL FFA server ( ) and the Demon UK counterparts with just the original 3: NeWY, 4PLaY, RiGHT. Over time we added more and more players. Some recruted on the FFA server, some in other ways. For a long time we played FFA nearly daily, with guys like NeWY, 4PLaY, RiGHT, ReLaxed, Deviant Monk and the occasional attendence of guys like Molybdane, Rooster and later on Unisol, Quetzalcoatl and Naas.

Two of our opponent clans back then were [OAP] "Old Age Pensioneers" and AM "Angra Mainyu". Our goal in those days was to end high on the charts of "The CLQ - Champions League for Quake", preferably above AM and OAP. The CLQ project was unfortunately discontinued ;)
1999 - 2000
In late 1999 we started with competitively playing Quake 3 TDM. We picked up CTF and FreezeTag a little later. Urban Terror or q3UT/UrT for short, was the last mod that we added to our playlist. We have also played a few games of ClanArena, but nothing with Q3 CA ever got very serious (except for one single ClanBase Cup at some point in 2001).

Our very first real ClanBase match on 13th December 1999 was... total drama. :)

We really thought we were really good and that with our FFA playstyle, we would be able to take on the best teams in the Netherlands, so we challenged the team ranked #1 on the ClanBase ladder. At that time the Dutch clan Hellrailers. These guys came from Q2 and knew how to play team-based Quake. Needless to say, we paid for our arrogance. Final score 142 - 9. Funny note: about a year or so later Hellrailers dissolved and we recruited one of the players from that team, the HPB from hell: Trellian.

In the mean time we slowly improved our game and teamplay. In that December of 1999 we did transform from an FFA clan into a real TDM team. With Unisol and Quetzalcoatl and later on Naas joining in early 2000, the team changed and more 'core' players got into the team. We won some, we lost some. Q3DM7 was really -our- map, Q3DM6tmp... definately not. Eventually we started winning more than that we lost and we were becoming more and more of a solid team, participating in lots of different leagues for different gametypes. ClanBase, Barrysworld, Savage Universe, Kuh3liga and some smaller or invite only tournaments. In later years we also added Jolt and ESL to the list of Q3 leagues.
In early 2001 we played many, many games. We played 2 or sometimes even 3 wars per evening and participated in 3 or 4 ClanBase cups at the same time (TDM Open Cup, TDM BeNelux Cup, CTF Open Cup, and Urban Terror) and also the other leagues like Barrysworld. We were busy.

In 2001 we had several new recruits to keep up with our busy schedule. One of them was missgunst from Germany. Our first female 'real' member who played with the team. She never played CTF with us, only TDM. Also in 2001 we 'assimilated' the clan which was the reason we are called LKFF: we recruited the remnants of RKF, Rijnmond Killing Force. Technoid, Chapter V and Bulldog.

Somewhere halfway 2001 things were not going as smooth anymore as they used to. Only CTF was still going strong and looking good, TDM we had nearly given up on since naas and spaas had decided to join Firingsquad for TDM. q3UT had become only a once-a-week occurance. The future didnt look so bright and only time could tell what would happen to LKFF.
Halfway through 2002 a lot changed. The dark feature started to look a lot brighter again. In August of that year we formed a Div1 CTF team (Naas, Morthan, Trellian, argos, RiGHT, Spaas, Azzmodan) for the new ClanBase season and we also restarted our TDM team which was getting better again quite fast (Spaas, Unisol, Trellian, ReLaxed, Azzmodan, Quetzalcoatl, RiGHT). Later in 2002 missgunst came back again after she had a go at Counterstrike. She fortunately decided that it was crap and Q3 was way more fun and likely she was actually the best member in our Q3TDM team at that point since naas was still playing with Firingsquad.

UrT (the newish name for the q3UT mod) also started happening more often than once week again, since we added some new players and with a total team of 8 players we were ready to rock 'n roll (Mallory, Zen, Truman, Saw, Drizzt_DUncan, Spaas, Azzmodan, RiGHT). In later times we've also had the Belgian player caves and the Dutch Igu@na playing for our UrT team.

Later that same period (September 2002) we started thinking about forming a BF1942 section for the next ClanBase season. Everyone was highly enthousiastic about the newly introduced BattleField type of game and we even played a fun match. The BF42 thing never got started though. Instead, we picked up FreezeTag again. We lost Morthan and Argos from our CTF team who decided they would be going to play CTF for Firingsquad (fs`), which was the clan where they played their TDM games along with Naas and Wappie.
In the early days of FreezeTag we were -the- clan. None of the other clans could beat us. We stopped playing twice, since most of the opposing clans refused to play against us and we lost interest because of lack of a challenge ourselves.

At some point RiGHT managed to get the clans from irc channel #freezetag on the QuakeNet irc channel to gather and sign up on ClanBase. It was the start of making Freezetag into a real competitive mod. After some time and a season or two on ClanBase it was again LKFF who helped the guys and girls from #freezetag to team up and ask the people from Orange Smoothie Productions to incorporate a Freezetag mode into their leading competition mod for Quake 3:Arena.

In late 2002 we competed in the first ever FreezeTag OpenCup on ClanBase, but due to extreme lack of interest in FT and lack of motivation, we stopped playing FT again after finishing the cup season with a more or less mediocre performance. And so our 3rd comeback in FT failed too, this time because of ourselves instead of other clans not wanting to play versus us ;)
In the first half of 2003 we got better and better at TDM. CTF however did not go that well. This is something that happened quite often, whenever one of the two would show considerable improvement, the other of the two would show a decline. Naas was back in full effect, no more mercing for Firingsquad. And he even took wappie with him from fs, which was the first time we actually managed to steal away someone from fs as usually it was the other way around. Wappie did go back to fs for TDM after the season was over, but we went through one of the best TDM periods in LKFF's history.

The only time things went even better in TDM followed a bit later, when we had half of the former x-plicit4 EuroCup team in our ranks, who had all joined for CTF initially, at different points in time. raydenz, Shad, MaDDoG and Azer, combined with our own strong TDM'ers like Naas, Spaas, Vicious and PaNJak to name a few of our strongest players over the years.
National team 2001-2006
Over the years several of LKFF's players have played for the National team in the ClanBase Quake 3:Arena Nations Cups. Naas, Spaas, Vicious, PanJaK, one and RiGHT have all at one time or another defended the Dutch honour that way for Team DeatchMatch and Capture the Flag . Most have played multiple seasons for the National teams. Even in 2006, after 2 years of absence from Quake 3, the day after LKFF announced it's return in competative Quake 3, Vicious and Spaas were immediately asked to play for the National team for Quake 3 CTF once again.
In late 2003 our CTF activities steadily improved again. Morthan was back and Vicious (formerly known as Spasje, later known as vCz) had proved to be a really good choice to recruit. Early 2004 this came down to our best competitive performance up till then, in the ClanBase EuroCup for Quake 3 CTF. We qualified and played a pretty good season, although we could not really compete with the top 5 teams. But seeing how much we had grown over time, we did very well.

New recruit squall from Germany (former 32nd Core) was unfortunately only present during 1 or 2 matches. He could have made a distinct difference in our matches versus for example Eyeballers (to which we lost only by a close margin), resulting in a final standing of 4th place in our group and causing us to just miss out on reaching playoffs. With a main team consisting of Naas, Spaas, Vicious, PaNJak, one, Raydenz and RiGHT this was one of our better Capture The Flag seasons ever nevertheless.
World of Warcraft
When this beast was unleashed, almost every game's community got hurt badly. Loads of players switched away from their favorite game (read: addictions) and found a new addiction. WoW, World of Warcraft. This "Massive Online Multiplayer Role Playing Game" destroyed a lot of school carreers, love lives and probably entire lives. At the end of the EuroCup season where we did so well, the American beta of WoW had come out and almost every single one of us was playing WoW. LKFF transformed into a WoW guild for some time. When the final version came out on the US server, we started playing WoW with half of the clan and we more or less took a break from Quake 3. We did play some Urban Terror still and a few 2v2 Q3 TDM tournaments, but we were no longer a dedicated Quake 3 team.
2005: Quake 4
In November 2005 we picked up Quake 4. We had been waiting for the game for a long, long time and we totally committed to it from day one. We welcomed back old members Vicious and Wappie and we started out as a very serious team straight away.

From day one we did quite well already in TDM, but with the addition of Kevz to our team, we really started rolling. We won the second division of the ClanBase Quake TDM 4v4 Open Cup in the first season, while we were practicing against EuroCup and division 1 teams and usually won. We would have definately had a shot at winning division 1 as well, we won the division 2 final with double scores over our opponent. This also happened to be our 700th match on ClanBase.

Quake 4 CTF on the other hand was not our thing. We played 1 match and then dropped out of that ClanBase cup. This was the only time we ever dropped out of a cup without at least trying to finish it, which is an indication of both the lack of interest we had in Quake 4 CTF and on the other side our 100% commitment to do well in Quake 4 TDM.
2006: Quake 4 EuroCup
In early 2006 we recruited Sc00T as addition and our team (Naas, Vicious, Kevz, Sc00T, Wappie, RiGHT, one) became EuroCup top material. During the season we also added the Polish player zet and the Dutch player Mindz to our team. Eventually we ended in a tied 5th place together with the well-known top team fnatic in the ClanBase EuroCup XIII for Quake 4 TDM, only 1 single match away from qualifying for the EuroCup LAN finals. The top 4 was FOE, lm (Legacy of the Mob), aCtion Ligan - all from Sweden and the French clan aAa (Against All Authority). So in short, this was an amazingly well played out cup: ClanBase EuroCup XIII Fall 2006.

We also managed to get to top 3 finishes in the Quake 4 leagues of Jolt, Kuh3liga and ESL for 4v4 TDM and we accomplished some good performances in smaller 2v2 TDM leagues as well.

Without a doubt the last months of 2005 and most of 2006 formed LKFF's Golden Age. Before this we had always been a team primairly aimed at just having some fun and doing as well as possible in our matches. Now, we were a dedicated pro-team. We even managed to gain sponsorship for 2 years, from the world-wide consulting firm Accenture. So pro!
2006 the end of Quake 4
In September 2006 the EuroCup XIII season ended and we waited for a new ClanBase season to start. In November we actually gave up on Quake 4, realising that in all honesty we reached the most we could possibly reach in Quake 4 4v4 TDM. A top 5 finish in a ClanBase EuroCup is an accomplishment that not many Quake clans out there have ever reached. Especially considering the extremely skilled and high competitive scene at that point for Quake 4, we were quite content with ourselves regarding that.

For the season of Fall/Winter 2006 we had plans on lining up a team to be playing Q4 2v2 TDM, but ClanBase cancelled that cup and so Mindz decided to leave LKFF as we stopped playing Quake 4 entirely. We already had started with planning to play Quake 3 again, but it remained to be seen if we would be able to field a team one more time.
2006 - 2007: Back to Quake 3
In December 2006 the ClanBase Quake 3:Arena cups started. We were able to get several of our old members active once again and we started playing. It was not our best season in Quake 3, but we did finish it. For Q3TDM it was the last time for a while that we participated. Later on we would try another season in Kuh3liga of Q3TDM, but we dropped out since they insisted on using a strange (forced) maprotation system and the CMPA mod instead of OSP. With a deminishing interest in Q3TDM throughout the whole scene, we decided eventually to quit our TDM activities entirely.

In the seasons after that in 2007 we slowly progressed again and worked our way back to the top flight for Q3CTF. In ClanBase (EU), Jolt (UK) and Net-Leet (France) we had reasonbly good performances in the highest divisions/leagues. We also tried another season of Kuh3liga CTF, but we ended the season with several default losses. After fighting with some inactivity we recruited some new members spread out over 2007. Reeseend, unicious, visser and blur joined
First halve of 2008: the end?
After a few seasons of absence the Nations Cup for Quake 3:Arena Capture The Flag is back on ClanBase. LKFF is delivering the largest part of the Dutch national team. All of our active players are listed for Team NL (naas, spaas, vCz, reeseend, unicious, visser, blur and the newest LKFF member raideniza). One of the only non-LKFF players is Tua from the Belgian clan Omega. We would like to recruit him though, but he unfortunately just refused ;)

We did bring in an other recruit though as we struggled a bit with lacking activity of our old core members. Silencep joined LKFF just before the summer.

In the summer of 2008 we participated in a new 4v4 ClanBase summer cup season for Q3CTF. RiGHT and the german CB admin erazor have organised already several earlier 4v4 seasons during the summer in past years. The cup itself was a big succes with well-balanced groups and division and many very close matches. LKFF participation in the cup however was less succesful. Many old time members like naas, vicious and PaNJak decided that they did not want to (or could not) spent so much time on gaming anymore, visser had left our team and reeseend and spaas could not play a lot due to reallife activities. This resulted in that several times we were not able to field a team. Again things started to look like this could perhaps be LKFF's last season.
Fall 2008: new hope
After summer, a new season was announced by ClanBase and at first also by Jolt. The Jolt.co.uk mother company for the famous Q3 leagues was however bought up and the new owners decided to discontinue the support for the Jolt league. This was not the first time for that league, as the original host for the league was Barrysworld, which in its turn had also been bought up and that league was then discontinued at that time after which the league's headadmin Bigfoot found a new host for the league in the form of Jolt. So for Q3 at this point in time the only league organisers were ClanBase, Kuh3liga and the french website Net-Leet of which the last 2 were never really that attractive for the "top" gaming teams.

For LKFF however, we decided to continue in Q3CTF nevertheless. This meant we needed to recruit.

When we recruited Silencep we were already hesitating between Silencep or Razorx. Since we did not have room for 2 new recruits we had to pick one and eventually ended up with Silencep. Razorx however still wanted to join and now was the perfect time. Along with him we also asked visser to return. With Raideniza who had still remained (VERY) active, this now meant we had a new core team consisting of Raideniza, Visser, Silencep, RazorX and as 5th the most l33t Q3 coach around: blur. Some of the old players were still playing now and then, like Spaas, PaNJak and Reeseend. Naas and Vicious could also still make an appearance, but it first remained to be seen how active our new team would be in the new ClanBase - Q3 CTF OpenCup Fall 2008 season.

At some point in the last week of the groupstage we found ourselves to be rather annoyed with our new recruits Silencep and Razorx. After some discussions the decision was to let Silencep go. A new recruit was found quite fast in the person of the French German Analyzer.

Eventually the Fall 2008 season ended for us with a 3rd place overall. We reached the playoffs by ending the group stage with a 2nd spot behind Omega, oMg, and in the first round of playoffs we lost in a close game to German/Swedish team Humped by FOE, hmpd. The bronze final we won over Swedish Neutralizerz, nEu. So overal a good accomplisment. However, after ending this season, we now find ourselves once again at a crossroads. Will we continue Q3CTF for another season?
2009: QuakeLive?
In late 2008 we decided to recruit a QuakeLive ClanArena team. Vicious (Visje/vCz) found a small team of guys he wanted to do some ClanArena with. So we recruited a set of foreigners: bch (.pl), HolyOne (.pt) and zo1d (.uk). Along with vCz and perhaps one or two of the oldschool LKFF guys we'd have a QL CA team. Already before 1st January we found zo1d to not really fit in and he was cut loose. So we had a 'job' opening there. We got another foreigner, the German MescAline. But like zo1d he hardly was every present.

But anyway, with a total lack of leagues for QL CA, we never actively got to setting up a team for QL ClanArena. We signed up for a GGL league, but that never got going and by the time the ESL ClanArena league got started we were down to 2 QL CA members (visje/vCz and HolyOne). Almost everyone in the clan had a QL beta account by the end of March 2009 and many were actively playing FFA, CA, TDM and/or CTF on public servers, so it was looking more and more like only being a matter of time...
In the mean time... Quake 3 Arena Capture The Flag
With our Quake Live Clan Arena team not taking of, we were however not just doing nothing. Our Q3CTF team was still actively playing and we signed up in the new league Stickrunners (basically a follow up to the Jolt league, hosted on XS4ALL servers). A ClanBase cup Spring season also got running and here we also participated. Our teams lineup got rather dynamic however, with quite some people leaving/joining. In the past years we always had a very stable team and that was our main strenght. With having played nearly 10 years of Quake 3, it's however not strange at all that things change after all this time.

For the first season of Stickrunners we were lacking some players and we recruited the Germans Soulreaver and Fanatic, Silencep got kicked after some internal issues and RazorX disapeared. Exodus left GRAND in favor of our team and Snajp and Dibbe from Sweden were both recruited shortly after the first Stickrunners ended and the Swedes also joined us for ClanBase Q3CTF. Soulreaver decided to play again with us in that second Stickrunners season, but Fanatic decided not to. For the ClanBase Spring 2009 season Soulreaver played with his friends at DeathReign and suddenly we had some multi-clanners in our team for the same mod. Something that never really happened before and it was all getting quite complex.

However we played our leagues and our total team for Q3CTF was in May 2009:
Spaas, Reeseend, RAIDENIZA, Visser, eXodus, Snajp, dibbe, Soulreaver, blur, RiGHT

So still ancient members in there with RiGHT and Spaas, but mainly 2008 and newer recruits.
Q3CTF: ClanBase Spring 2009 and Stickrunners #1 and #2
During the first season of Stickrunners we did do quite okay and ended 2nd behind Belgian powerhouse Omega (with players Vertex, Forever, Tua, Link1n and draven). For the second season Omega was gone and so was a Swedish powerhouse consisting of several mercs (which we had beaten during season 1). So we were the favorites for taking the title and up till the last week we held up to that expectation. We didnt lose a single point and had a huge positive capdifference.

However, then in the last week of season 2 we faced Drugs and Porn, DP, and we messed up. We only needed to win 1 map or play 2 draws. We drew one map and lost the second. Due to utterly retarded rules not the capdifference but mutual result counted. With LKFF and DP ending tied on 17 points each, DP won the league because of the stupidly set up rules, even if we only lost points in 1 single match, while DP lost points in 3 matches and our cap difference was +23 versus +10 from DP. So our old curse of being the eternal second struck again.

In the mean time we got to the semi-final of the ClanBase Spring 2009 season and we beat GRAND in a 5-mapper. We managed to reach the final where we had to play against Drugs and Porn again.

We were hardly prepared for the final and with several guys not being available (visser, snajp, spaas, etc...) we even needed to ask Dibbe to play one more game again (he had already decided to leave LKFF at the end of the group stage after a run-in with Exodus). Needless to say, we did not have much of a chance versus the DP merc team. So, the 2nd place curse was striking once again and another shiny silver cup.
Summer 2009: Quake Live TeamDM and ClanArena
In May 2009 ClanBase finally also announced a first season of Quake Live cups. CB started out with a QL Duel and a QL TDM cup.
We had worked on an international ClanArena team (vCz, HolyOne, bch, Z0id, visser), but we could not really get it going and we dropped our plans. We then focussed on a QL TDM team only.

After our big Quake 4 TDM adventure in the Eurocup, Sc00T had disapeared for a while, but he was back now; PaNJak and vCz, who by now was only known as visje, both LKFF members since 2003 , they were now going to shine again as our TDM team, but then for Quake Live. HolyOne, Reeseend, blur and RiGHT were initially set to be others in the QL TDM lineup which we announced in June 2009. We then also signed up for the ClanBase QL TDM Cup and we waited for more news... but at that point, no QL CTF yet

Just before the TDM Cup started HolyOne decided to leave the team and since we were now almost entirely featuring a Dutch lineup once again we looked for another Dutch addition to our team. We found the Dutch-Australian player zkyp, who we already played against several times with Q4TDM. So our new QL TDM team: Sc00t, PaNJak, Raideniza, zkyp and Reeseend.

In the QL TDM Cup we didnt do bad, but we could not put down the same performances as we did with Q4 TDM. We were playing in Division 2 (Second League) and we easily reached the playoffs.
Summer 2009: Quake Live Capture The Flag
A summer cup on ClanBase for QuakeLive Capture the Flag 4v4 was announced during the group stage of the QL TDM Cup. Around the same time a lot of internal controversy occured where visser and exodus(a.k.a. blubjuh) created a lot of problems and we had to kick them out to restore the peace in the clan. Visser had been with LKFF for 2 years at that point. Anyway, this resulted in issues for our CTF team and we had to rework our intended CTF team. As a followup to the controversy also Silencep disapeared once again.

Eventually we set up a Div 1 team consisting out of Reeseend, Raideniza and PaNJak and new recruit Deji from Estonia. Zkyp and Sc00T were backups for the CTF team, but for both CTF is not a priority. Also visje/vCz (by his own request) was a backup. Snajp and Soulreaver both expressed the wish to stay with LKFF for QL CTF, but neither were available that summer.

After some joking, discussing and serious consideration we then also set up a Div 3 team. Blurrie and unicious along with RiGHT decided to recreate an LKFF2 team with several other Dutch Q3 players: RiGHT, blur, unicious, DNFreak, chatfragger (.be), neobeatz and sjook.

So then LKFF had 2 teams active for the Summer QL CTF Cup at ClanBase and the new BiBS (Bring It Back Safely) QL CTF Leage.

Both teams did quite well, some wins, some losses, but nothing spectacular.
Fall/Winter 2009: Quake Live duel, TDM and CTF
After the summer season not much changed. Things were moving on without much hazzle. Soulreaver became fully active again, Visje/vicious decided to quit playing with LKFF now completely and disapeared off to some obscure ClanArena team, Snajp sometimes participated in practices again. The only real change was Sc00T who became our main attacker in CTF, so the standard LKFF1 CTF team remained the same: Reeseend, Raideniza, PaNJak, Sc00T, Soulreaver and Deji. In the fall ClanBase Cup season we also participated in the CB QL TDM Cup again and even made it to the playoffs and eventually lost the final to faces of meth. Quite noteworthy if you realize that nobody was really motivated anymore to still play TDM :).

Most of the interest of our players started to go to duel. Kevz, Sc00T and Deji were playing duel more and more often and this eventually resulted in a very strong performance by Sc00T in the Intel Extreme Masters tournament, winning ESL IEM qualifier #4 among a strong playerfield and getting to the 2nd place in the ClanBase EuroCup. Deji won the 2nd league of the ClanBase OpenCup.

The LKFF2.fun team (Loz Kampoz Fun Force) did reasonably well as well. In the BiBS leage the guys were fighting for the Division 3 title and in ClanBase the playoffs were in reach untill the very last game. The only change since the summer was the disappearance of blur. So the team for LKFF.fun remained the same: RiGHT, (blur,) unicious, DNFreak, chatfragger, neobeatz and sjook.
2010: Another rocky start
After the strong finish at the end of last year and our deminished interest in QL TDM, Sc00T and Deji decided to join K1ck for TDM. Soon after, some issues with conflicts of interest arrised and in the end Sc00T and deji left the team completely at the end of 2009. With the inactivity of PaNJak this meant we needed to recruit once more and we found the Swedish player poomer from snajp's clanarena clan vs. Formerly poomer was known as T0bb3 when he played with the old Q3 CTF powerhouse wC, wolfClaw. Soon after we also recruited xCal, also from CA clan vs and also from Sweden. xCal is also an oldschool Q3 CTF player, from that other Swedish powerhouse FOE.

The first Quake Live league to start in 2010 was Kuh3liga for CTF. With our new team we had some issues as we did not have much time to practice and our start was not so good with 3 losses in a row. Still, the losses were marginally and improvement was found. Unfortunately xCal found that he could not combine Quake Live with a busy work schedule and he went inactive again after a period of 3 weeks. So we had to recruit again and we managed to find a good Dutch player: du4l.

Mean while, LKFF.fun wanted to play again in the new CB and BiBS seasons after having been inactive for 3 months since November. So mid March we recruited also 2 new members for the .fun team and we found Q3 player Djinx interested to team up with us and the ancient Q2 player Audi0-, now known as cruc1ax. So a new team for LKFF.fun as well: RiGHT, DNFreak, Sjook, djinx and cruc1ax with chatfragger still hanging around also. unicious and neobeatz were more or less inactive, blurrie also quit playing.
Fall 2010: the end for LKFF1
After another round of changes in the LKFF1 teamroster where we tried several new members including oldschool Q3 EuroCup level player adam (UK) and even trying to team up with the old Mobach guys, we came to the conclusion at the end of summer that our team was in need of a new challenge. So the LKFF1 team dissolved after the many player changes we had gone through in 2010.

The last active lineup for LKFF1 joined with Mobach (raiden, du4l, adam). Soulreaver disapeared once more and Reeseend wanted to start playing with LKFF.fun. pTolomy had already disapeared shortly before. Unfortunately for the Mobach guys, they found out it didnt work for them either, so soon after they stopped playing once more. Raiden then formed a new team called Expendables with pTolomy and old LKFF players razorx and exodus. Reeseend also formed a team of his own: team n4t, New Age Tactics.

So that meant that LKFF.fun would now be the main team for the clan. In the mean time the .fun team recruited old school Quake players Kouwe and DJZooi. In the CB Fall 2010 season the new lineup would play only in division 3, but with Asgard in our group also, we had some strong opposition. The LKFF.fun lineup: RiGHT, DNFreak, Sjook, Djinx, Cruc1ax, Kouwe, DJZOOi.

DNFreak unfortunately didnt manage to finish the season and went inactive before the end of the cup. We recruited Luke as a new player instead.
2011: LKFF.fun only
For a change the start of 2011 was rather uneventful. No huge problems with the team, which was only the former LKFF2 team a.k.a. LKFF.fun, and everything seemed to be calm. Finally. The CB 5v5 QL CTF Fall 2010 cup ended and we reached the third spot in the 3rd League after winning the bronze final. We signed up for the HoQ League which was 4v4 again and oldschool player Panjak became more or less active again. Kouwe decided to try the new WoW expansion and disapeared, so regaining Panjak was good timing.

Soon after the uneventful start of 2011, during the House of Quake league it became clear that DNFreak was too busy with reallife stuff (i.e. work) and could not continue as active as before; Luke also became less active and so we needed to recruit. We found Panjak his reallife friend Dope willing to team up. In the period after that we played several leagues in division 2 and division 3 where we always ended up mid-table, no matter what league we played in. Put us in a hard league and we play well against the best teams and loose against the least skilled teams... weird but true.

RiGHT had already attempted starting a TDM team again in 2010, but it didnt work out. For 2011 the desire was still there and with Dope in the team there were enough guys willing to play TDM. It did not actually happen unfortunately though until the winter of 2011. Dope and Panjak competed in the ClanBase Fall/Winter cup as a duo in the 2v2 TDM Cup. It proved impossible so far to get 5 or 6 active and motivated guys available for the 4 man TDM team. Panjak and Dope reached the 4th place in the second league, so a very decent result. Perhaps we can try again in 2012 to start a QL 4v4 TDM team once again?

Throughout the year DNFreak and Luke still played some CTF games with us but overall the team was Panjak, Sjook, Djinx, DJZOOi and Dope with RiGHT as the eternal organiser and last resort backup.
2012: LKFF still here after 13 years!
After a period in which the LKFF.fun team was not extremely active (at the end of 2011) and we competed only one league during a period of close to 2 months, we started January with a small cup for the House of Quake Leagues called as Winter Warmup. It was single elimination and after 1 game it was over. Its worth noting though, since we asked Panjasos to play as our 4th due to the league starting at 19:00 CET already on a Friday evening. Amazing we even got a team together in the first place. However, shortly after that we recruited Panjasos to become part of the team along with RiGHT, Panjak, Djinx, Sjook, DJZOOi, and Dope.

During the year we competed in several HoQ seasons for CTF and even in the HoQ TDM leage! We also played another season of ClanBase and in April we competed in the first Flag Addicted cup organized by team excello. We competed for the Silver Cup and we won! In the final we managed to beat clan AWE, Awesome in 3 awesome maps: 2-1. We even won some mousepads ;)

Actually, this road to victory in the excello cup followed on a weekend where the LKFF.fun team participated in a LAN event again (The Party 10). It was the first LAN event for a long time for the clan and actually the first LAN for the fun team altogether. The results at the LAN event were not the best ever, but that was also not expected. A more detailed report is available here: LKFF (fun) at the Party 10.

In September we celebrated our 13th birthday and that Fall season we also participated in another few competitions (HoQ and ClanBase). Most striking news was that DNFreak became active again.
2013: another year of gaming
This year was a bit slow, but gaming continued as always. We still play our games for fun and try to continue on a decent level. Often we contended for the wooden spoon though. With the news about ClanBase being killed off by the f****n Americans (GGL, Global Gaming League), we lost our main source for tournaments. Luckily this happened only at the end of 2013, which is traditionally a slow period for tourneys anyway. For 2014 it will be a challenge to continue participating in tournaments.

The Good Bye statement from the ClanBase crew can be read here, on ESReality.

R.I.P. ClanBase.
2014: bonum affectum?
In 2012 we participated at one of the last large LAN events in the Netherlands, The Party in Eindhoven. Although we did not win the tournament, the guys came up with a new tagline for the clan: bonum affectum - het goede gevoel. Now, in 2014, we will again participate at The Party for the Quake Live CTF tournament. Unfortunately all other clans are division 1 level teams, so... let's hope they have the Wooden Spoon ready and engraved with the text Bonum Affectum, just for us. Either way, we will at least try to get our bonum affectum back, to continue for another year of Quake.
15 years of =[LKFF]= September 1999 - September 2014. The End.
After ClanBase closed its door at the end of 2013, we knew it was going to be hard to find alternative competitions to participate in with the joy we used to get from playing Quake as a team. Even considering the fact that we used to be a Premier League or even EuroCup level team, and now losing against rather inexperienced teams, we still enjoyed our game now and then. In the early years we would play 1 or 2 games every evening, more recently it was 4 to 8 games during the period of a tournament/cup/league, no practice games and after the tourney was done, we would go back to idle mode for a month or more. Of course that doesn't help with reaching good results :) However, we still enjoyed playing the game, with the team.

But to all good things comes an end. And I guess that for LKFF, that time is now. After 15 years and with little or no issues in our team (over the past 15 years I can remember only 3 or 4 fights), it is now time to say good bye to competitive online gaming. LKFF was a large part of my teen years and the years after that also. I wouldn't change things if I could, it was a blast and great fun. With several of the guys from the team I became friends over the years and we still are in some form of contact. I still often think back to the wonderful days of Q3CTF EuroCup and Quake 4 TDM EuroCup, but also I think of the times we were one of the teams to beat in Q3FreezeTag... or even the days of Q3FFA on Demon NL DM1-5 :) Thanks for everything. I will be missing you, my dear LKFF

RiGHT out!

Our complete list of (former) members
RiGHT, 4PLaY, NeWY, Molybdane*, Rooster*, Melvin(DK)*, Jowie*, Silver$poon*, Unisol a.k.a. Dan0s, Quetzalcoatl, ReLaxed, WilloW, D-Force, Bloemkool*, Koffiejufvrouw*, Digital Decay*, Zephyrus*, Deviant Monk a.k.a. Monkie*, Pain Provider a.k.a. Pain+*, Technoid*, Chapter V, Bulldog*, Trellian, Naas, RapTile*, Azzmodan, Audax*, ZEN, Jtm*, Saib*, Spaas, S1n1steR*, Bosjer(BE)*, Mor`than*, one, Vicious a.k.a. vCz, Drizzt_DUncan, Argos*, missgunst(DE)*, Mallory, SAW, JaNet, Truman, Narthax, Godsmurf(BE)*, WoNg*, Struiseh*, Wapp1e*, SirPsycho, caves(BE)*, Neovi*, PaNJak, iGu@nA*, raydenz*, Shad*, Warlock a.k.a. wlaas(BE), Azer*, Maddog*, kevz, Sc00T, zet(PL)*, mindz*, Reeseend, unicious, visser*, blur, RAIDENIZA, Silencep*, Razorx*, Analyzer(FR), HolyOne(PT)*, eXodus*, Soulreaver(DE), Fanatic(DE)*, snajp(SE), chatfragger(BE), DNFreak, neobeatz*, sjook, poomer(SE)*, du4l, djinx, cruc1ax, Kouwe, DJZOOi, Luke, panjasos.

Not accepted trial members:
Maniac (CS), 3BiRD (Q3), Redemptor a.k.a. Redemz (Q3), Squall a.k.a. sql (Q3CTF, DE), Draven (Q4TDM), z01d (QL CA, UK), bch (QL CA, PL), dibbe (Q3CTF, SE), xCal (QLCTF, SE), ptolomy (QLCTF), adam (QLCTF, UK)

One-time members:
ShaFt (Q3CTF @ LAN), Semt-X (Q3TDM & Q3CTF @ LAN), Ayreon (Q3CTF @ LAN), RayeS (Q3TDM & Q3CTF @ LAN)

Players marked with an * are people who are no longer part of the clan; others may be entirely inactive, but are still considered to be part of the Fragging Force.
  Some Trivia; information and misconceptions.
When Rijnmond Killing Force dissolved in late 2001, the 3 remaining active members joined LKFF: Chapter V, Bulldog and Technoid.

The funny part of this is that RkF was the reason LKFF became LKFF and not LKKF, Loz Kampoz Killing Force. At the time we decided to become Fragging Force, as a Killing Force already existed.
Loz Kampoz
During the period we had a team playing Urban Terror (q3UT/UrT), people mistook the Loz Kampoz part of our clanname for a reference towards 'Camping' - hiding in a corner and waiting for an enemy to walk by. An extremely boring way of playing Quake. Wrong! We are no counterstrikers! Loz Kampoz actually refers to the city where the clan was founded, Kampen. Read our history for the details.
A cow's ass as clan logo
Some people mistake our clan logo for lots of weird possible objects (one of the references being a Cow's ass?!), but it is actually based on the Quake 3:Arena logo. Just compare the two against each other and you'll see the vague resemblance.
To TDM or not to TDM
LKFF is regarded quite often as a Quake 3 CTF clan. But on the contrary, we started out as TDM clan. It was only in 2001 that we picked up CTF, nearly 2 years after we founded LKFF. The funny thing however is that we've always been better at CTF than we ever were in Q3 TDM ;)
Can't beat them? Recruit them!
During the long history of LKFF we have "annexed" a few clans. When a clan would go inactive, we would take over the remaining active players. The first clan we took in was RkF, Rijnmond Killing Force (Chapter V, Bulldog and Technoid), followed by almost all of the players from L@W, Lamers At Work (ZEN, SAW, Mallory, Narthax, Truman - who later on formed our Urban Terror squad along with a few LKFF players), first 2 and later in total 3 players from fs`, Firing Squad (Mor'than, Argos, Wapp1e), and in total 4 of the players of x4, explicit4 (Rayden, Shad, Maddog, Azer), although recruiting each of these players from fs` and x4 was spread out over a longer period of time.
Team of ClanBase admins
In the old days of ClanBase and LKFF's early days, almost all of the Quake 3 admins of ClanBase were part of the clan. Azzmodan, ZEN, RiGHT, Audax and for a short while Q2 admin 3BiRD. Later on Urban Terror admin Drizzt_DUncan joined LKFF as well and for 2 seasons the ClanBase 'God admin' Godsmurf played with LKFF for Q3CTF (in Barrysworld and ClanBase).

Also the CB admins Semt-x, RayeS and Ayreon played with LKFF during one or more of the many LAN events we attended during Quake 3's best days, but they were never truely part of the clan. One of the few ClanBase Quake 3 admins from before 2003 who never played for LKFF were PZZ player HeLLSpawN and the German CTF admin erazor.
The various different LKFF clan tags
For a long time we used the very standard tag =[LKFF]= MemberName, all in default white. Only when it was supported for a (very) long time in OSP(the Quake 3 competitive modification mode) already, we finally started using other tags with colors.

The second we used was >LKFF< Membername. Still rather 'boring', but it at least did have colors! The Urban Terror team however never switched away from the default =[LKFF]=Membername.

The most exotic we have used till date was the extreme lkff MEMBERNAME in awful green and pink colors. During our Quake 4 period we switched to MEMBERNAME//lkff.

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